«Robbery!» thought the owners,entering the apartment.And the «robber» was sitting right in front of them.

The family had a real shock when they found their kitchen in a nightmare.All the things were scattered.

According to a young man named Dylan Raynor,he and his family were absent for only a couple of hours!And during this time,someone managed to turn out all the boxes «inside out»,pull snacks out of the wrapper,scatter sweets,tear the paper and throw everything on the floor.
However,nothing was stolen!

«Crime» was committed by their dog — a spaniel named Dori!It was she who turned the kitchen upside down,and at the same time threw all the things out of the lockers.
«We really decided at first that a robber had climbed into the house!» says the young man. -«Only later did we notice that clearly inedible things were lying gnawed on the floor,and realized what really happened!»

The guy says that he and his family breathed a sigh of relief when they realized that there was no robber.Moreover,they laughed heartly!
Well,we just have to wish this family patience,because their pet seems to be very inventive!!

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