Scientists have explained why dogs often lick their owners’ feet and what it means

Who can be more loyal than puppies? They are so close to us that they will never leave us, let alone condemn us.

Of course, they do not know how to talk, but they understand everything, with a great desire, and we, humans, can learn to understand them!

Those who convey their love to the owners, use certain methods, endowed with a special meaning.

The ass rubs on the owner’s feet

If the pup rubs on your legs, it wants to be touched. Such behavior means attachment to its owner.

Dog sleeps on your bed

When you are going to work or visiting, you might think, but what is your faithful companion doing? There is no room to worry. Probably, it will lie on your bed and nap, so it will remain in inseparable contact with you.

They give presents

Does your doggie give you things, and can it even share its favorite toys?

Experts argue that such an attitude shows the desire of the pet to share their love with you.

It feels your mood

Pets living with us have the ability to feel our mood. When you are sad or you have any issues, your loyal companion tries, by all means, possible and not possible, to distract you.

Dogs lick your face

Are you aware of how a dog shows its love? It expresses love with its tongue.

Through these steps, dogs express their loyalty and affection. Love and take care of your faithful friends.

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