Scottish boy risks his life jumping into a lake to save stranger’s dog from drowning

In summer many of us love to travel and discover new places. A young man from Scotland had the same intentions and was making his journey to Wales for the first time in his life.

Yet, he did a heroic act, saving a drowning dog which was the last thing he could have expected to encounter.

The story was shared on Facebook by Jane Warner – the woman that owned the drowning dog, Charlie.

During the trip to Penllergare Valley Woods Charlie decided to chase ducks. The dog was so excited about the run that didn’t realize that he went into the water after the birds. Soon he started drowning because of the deep waters.

His owner didn’t know how to help the poor animal. She is disabled and there was no option for her to swim in order to reach her dog. So Jane was helpless herself and didn’t have a clue what to do in the woods alone.

Then suddenly a teenager appeared and immediately jumped into the water. He reached Charlie and could rescue him after several attempts. As it turned out, the waters were deep and it was hard for the boy to swim in the lake.

Jane is very thankful to the boy who rescued the stranger’s dog, risking his own life and safety. She shared the story on Facebook, and the post was instantly spread. After thousands of reactions, she found out who the teenager was.

“This young Scottish lad is my hero!” she wrote.

It was Connor Telford, 17 years old Scottish boy who was traveling to Wales for the first time.

The woman informed everyone that it was the first stop of Connor which turned out to be full of extreme.

The young man was praised and received many good words from different Facebook users.

As Jane finished the story, she mentioned that without that fantastic boy she wouldn’t be telling such a story with a happy end.

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