Seeing that the dog on the street was trembling from the cold,the mistress put her jacket on her…

Very often people do not pay attention to the emotions and needs of their pets,but this story shows that everything can be completely different.Two women talked at the bus stop waiting for the bus to arrive when they saw a cute dog in an unusual suit.

It was cool outside,so the owner of the animal decided to take care of the pet.The woman went to the post office,but the staff asked her to leave the animal on the street.The dog was left waiting for the mistress tied to a tree.
It was cold outside,so the woman was afraid that her pet would freeze during a long wait.To make the dog more comfortable,the mistress took off her jacket and put it on her pet.

The dog in the jacket looked unusual and cute.Passersby stopped to look at her,as well as take a few pictures.Holly and her colleagues,who saw this picture while standing at the bus stop,waited for the mistress of the dog and thanked her for such a humane attitude towards the animal.

This story is another proof that people are able to sympathize with both their neighbors and animals.

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