Seeing tiny thoroughbred puppies,the robbers decided to profit and took the babies away from their nursing mother.

In Rochester,Kent six pretty puppies at the age of 3 weeks were stolen from the house where they lived with their owners.The kids of the American bulldog breed,who needed their mother’s milk,appeared in the hands of thieves who wanted to earn money on the kids.Puppies were stolen late in the evening,sneaking into peacefully sleeping people.

The fact is that every such puppy costs about 850euro in Britain.Of course,the robbers immediately tried to sell them to get the money.
Detective Sam Stewart,who is investigating,called this act outrageous and inhuman in realation to,first of all,to the kids who were left without their mother.

The detective also added that many families want to buy a puppy as a gift.Surely someone will be interested in purebred dogs,which were taken out of someone els’s house by robbers.And in general,Sam is sure,the criminals acted on request,realizing that they would immediately be able to make money on dogs.

Well,I hope that the animals can still be found,and the police will do everything possible to ensure that the owners and pets are reunited as soon as possible!

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