Selfless dog saves his teenage owner’s life by protecting him from a rattlesnake

Dogs are the gifts of nature given to us. We should treat them not just as pets but as real friends. Their loyalty is above their own self.

This dog is another proof of love and braveness. Marley is a Labrador Retriever that recently saved the life of his owner – Alex Loredo.

This 18 years old teenager once rescued Marley and helped him to overcome all the health issues. Since then, they have become inseparable friends!

Having a dog such as Marley is luck! And Alex Loredo from Harbison Canyon, California was so fortunate to have the dog beside him when a rattlesnake made attempts to bite the boy.

It was a big rattle outside his house. It was so decided to bite Alex. It posed and was going to release the venom that Marley rushed in to save his owner.

The boy was very scared. But the dog attacked the snake to save Alex. Unfortunately, he was bitten in the neck and tongue. The owner had to think with a cold head. He immediately took Marley to the animal rescue center.

Gladly, it was possible to save Marley’s life. Alex is so thankful to have such a kind and loyal friend. He had no complaints to pay for the surgeries of his lovely dog.

However, thanks to the donation of GoFundMe, Alex gathered more than $8000 which was enough to cover all the bills.

Now Marley returned to his everyday life with Alex and continues bringing joy to his owner!

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