Senior cat finds attention and care again after losing only home and owners he knew

Orion is a cute 16 years old senior cat that has lived a peaceful life with his kind owners. Since he was born the cat lived with his owners for 6 years.

He knew no other place than the house he lived. Orion was connected with his human family. But fate decided to separate him from his humans.

The first period of living without his human parents was the most challenging time. The cat was taken to the Kitty Adventure sanctuary located in Worth, Texas.

Orion received lots of love and warmth in the shelter but despite the efforts, he was shy and a little scared.

It was a new place for the senior cat. First time in his whole life he had to adapt to a new place and people.

The cat was confused and unsure to give feedback. When someone would taking a nap, Orion would secretly cuddle them.

But it couldn’t last long. Eventually, love changed her behavior. She started to trust the shelter staff and made friends with other animals.

Now Orion was a grateful and sociable cat that knew a new world. Orion started to show his real character, cuddling around each shelter pet.

He became friends with Britches – another senior cat that is 18 years old. The cat has kind relations with Orion, making it easy for him to adapt to the new place.

We are glad that Orion receives lots of love! It was scary that after living a lifetime in one family he wouldn’t adapt to the new environment. He deserves more – adoption! And all the shelter animals deserve it!

We hope that Orion will be adopted soon.

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