She is 15 years old and celebrates them by photographing herself next to her father who works in a landfill: «I am proud of him»

A parent is ready to do anything to make his child’s life happier, more peaceful; a mother and a father want only the best for their beloved child, so they are ready to climb the most difficult mountains or do everything possible to make their child smile or realize his dream.

The hard work of a parent to ensure that nothing is missing at the table or that the boy or girl can afford a proper schooling should always be celebrated.

This is what Diana decided to do, a young Mexican who, on the occasion of her 15th birthday (a particularly celebrated age in this Central American country), wanted to give an extraordinary surprise to her father Jorge, an operator working in a landfill.

It is a difficult job and considered rather modest, but which Diana will never cease to celebrate and respect: it is only thanks to what her father does that she was able to lead a «comfortable» life like her peers, it is thanks to her father that all this was possible.

That is why Diana decided to thank her father Jorge in her own way by giving him a very touching surprise: to celebrate her 15th birthday, the young Mexican wore the traditional and elegant «quinceanera» dress, all dressed in lila color, holding a bouquet of flowers and styling herself like a real princess. When the father saw that his daughter had arrived at the landfill in this dress, he burst into tears with emotion…

Diana said: «I am not ashamed of the modest work he does, he has worked so that I do not miss anything, I am proud of him, my family and who I am! »

And to thank her father and the work he does every day so that she does not miss anything, Diana chose to do a real photo shoot alongside Jorge and in the landfill where he works: the girl could not be more proud of her father!

And the photos taken by Diana alongside her very proud father say more than a thousand words :

The gesture of this young girl is truly moving and reminds us once again how the hard daily sacrifice of our parents should never be underestimated, nor mocked: everything they did, even the most humble thing, they did for the well-being and the future of their children, let’s never forget it!

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