Shelter puppy’s touching reaction to new owners will melt your heart

Tiny puppy Laila was only two weeks old when she got to the animal shelter. At first, the baby was nervous and afraid of everything. But over time, she settled down and became calmer.

One day, Rachel Barron, a shelter worker, approached Laila and spoke to her in a gentle voice. And then the woman noticed that the puppy smiled at her dazzlingly.

“When I started talking to her, Laila first wagged her tail and then smiled. I quickly pulled out my phone to film it. It was too sweet not to share with everyone,” says Rachel.

With her smile and sweet expression, Laila won the hearts of Internet users around the world. Not long after the video was shared, a family came to the orphanage to adopt Laila.

Nicole Toni and her husband already have three dogs and two cats. When they saw Laila, they immediately realized that she would be a great addition to their large family. And they were absolutely right.

“At first she was shy, but after meeting the rest of the pets, she became so sweet and charming,” said Nicole.

Now Laila feels just fine in Tony’s house. She loves to play and run with other dogs. Especially Laila made friends with a dog named Lady, who recently became a mother.

She is raising the new baby like her own daughter. Nicole reveals that Laila loves her owners and often falls asleep hugging one of them.

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