Sitting alone in the enclosure,the dog jumped up while seeing people and «smiled».He was really waiting for someone to give him a bit of love.

A pet named Peep was sitting in the enclosure and the owners were not interested in him at all.The kid dreamed that he would be loved and paid attention to him,but no one was in a hurry to make him happy.

Dat after day,Peep was locked up and it seemed that there would be no end to it.And so,one day PETA employees found out about him.The animal defencement immediately left to take Peep with them.
How happy the dog was when he realised that he would be released from the boring enclosure and he could enjoy life!

The veterinarian said that the dog is perfectly healthy and soon Peep found owners,and from that moment the pet does not get tired of enjoying life!
The dog has toys,its own bed and,of course,the love of the owners.

How wonderful it is that his life has completely changed!

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