Sleeping adorable kittens wake up when they hear a bar of chocolate being opened

Sam Mannell welcomed to his family four tiny kittens. He is fostering the three-month-old babies until they will find their forever houses.

These cute creatures seem to be very different not only in the exterior part but also in their behavior.

The black boy thinks he is a human, the creamy girl is sassy, the ginger one is independent and the gray boy is very shy. All of them are bottle feed for now.

The siblings love to study Mannell’s house. They have a fun time in their exploration time.

They discovered the coach where Mannell loves to spend time. So it is now their favorite place. When they got tired, the kittens immediately fell asleep altogether.

The woman decided to enjoy their adorable nap and took a chocolate bar to eat. When she tried to open it, all of the tiny creatures wake up at once. Although they are babies, they already know the food sound.

Of course, Mannell didn’t feed them with chocolate. When the little kitties realized that the woman wouldn’t share the chocolate, they fell asleep again.

This time they slept a bit longer and Sam had much time to enjoy their quiet time, eating her bar of chocolate!

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