Sleeping whales:the photographer showed what whales look like when they dozed off.

The photographer caught a rare shot showing what whales look like when they doze off.More than 30 adult sperm whales doze at a depth of 15 meters in the Indian Ocean.They stand like this without moving for a quite a long time.All females and all cubs are on the surface while males rest.

Popular images of sperm whales gathered together,looking motionless and built vertically in the water appeared on the network.Huge whales almost always seem «standing» and collected in flocks of five or six individuals.
It is quite strange to imagine how an animal of the size of a school bus looks like when it sleeps.However,everything changed thanks to French photographer and diver Stefan Granzotto,who took this picture of whales while diving in the Mediterranean Sea.

Thus,when whales rest,they seem worthwhile.Whales dozed for about 50 minutes in a frame taken by National Geographic.
Until 2008,no one knew that whales rested vertically.It was at that time that the report on this topic was published in the journal Current Biology.In addition,until 2017,no one had a clear idea of how these animals looked in such a pose.

In the wild,whales dive about 14 meters and sleep for up to two hours.As mentioned earlier,they sleep vertically in groups of five to six whales.They’re probably doing it to protect themselves.Whales help in captivity are among the least sleepy representatives of the animal world.According to researches,whales spend about 7% of their day in this vertical position by the water.Their sleep usually lasts from 10 to 15 minutes.When they sleep,they only use about half of their brains.Such behavior is the result of their fear of predators,their need to maintain social contacts,their ability to control their breathing or simply helps them keep swimming.

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