Smart and well-mannered giant sea lion waddles around a fish market to ask for snacks

Smart people often think about betters ways to reach their goals. Of course, those ways mustn’t hurt other people. Effective thinking is what we need very often.

It turns out, that a mammal also can benefit from smart thinking. Instead of hunting fish, this giant sea lion managed to ask for fish from the sellers.

But the important part of this story is that the mischievous mammal waddles around without making any trouble. He is patient and gentle, waiting for the grace of people.

It’s already a fact that giant animals can be well-mannered. Instead of stealing food or disturbing people, they can wait to get food. And it is what we appreciate.

Although the sea lion was excited about the big amount of fish in front of him, he didn’t make a sound or move forward to grab them. He kind of knew about good manners.

Sure, he got a big treat. Hardly someone would leave him hungry.

The cutest moments were captures and put on the Internet. It got millions of views. People appreciated the sellers for their kind deeds.

In fact, the giant creature used to hunt his dinner. After being treated with kindness and love, he changed his tactics. The mammal comes to the market where he is a well-accepted guest.

Every day the giant enjoys his prey and nicely leaves the market.

His cuteness makes people continue feeding him.

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