Sociable husky sneaks away from home to make a friend with a wild deer in the woods

Dogs are some of the most friendly animals we know. Mostly, they are loyal to people but sometimes it happens so, that they make new friends with other animals.

In this story, a husky named Koda went out from her owner’s house a year ago on a cold December day and didn’t come back. Rachel Howatt – the owner, was searching and searching for her husky but all the efforts were in vain.

Now she was desperate and hopeless.

After a year the husky finally could find her way home. She returned back just like nothing happened. As the owner tells, she had no doubt her smart husky would find her house.

Rachel was curious where her dog could have been for such a long time. She decided to check on her neighbor’s trail camera.

She wanted to assure herself the dog didn’t go to the woods near their house.

But the footage spoke more than she could imagine!

The whole time Koda was spending her time with a deer. They were walking together, eating and sleeping. It seemed from the footage they spent together more than 12 hours.

The woman of course loves the husky and wants to keep her but now she also realizes that huskies have a free spirit and she just can’t imprison the dog.

It’s not the first time when different species make friends but it’s so surprising to see they can spend a year together!

We wish the best for Koda and her owner!

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