Specialists put the giant bear to sleep in order to remove the bucket from his head

The Colorado State Conservation Service received a report that a young bear was in trouble in the forests near Boulder: people first noticed a wild animal with a bucket on its head on July 6.

He could not take it off on his own, could not get food and wandered helplessly around the neighborhood.

On July 14, two local residents called the rescuers. They understood that they themselves could not help the bear, and in order to make it easier for specialists to find the animal, they drove it up a tree.

Arriving at the scene, representatives of the organization Colorado Parks and Wildlife put the bear to sleep, then safely lowered it from the branch and carefully freed it from the giant collar.

They turned out to be a feeder for chickens, and the victim was a female bear about a year old.

Its weight is slightly below normal, but this is not uncommon for the summer. Apparently, the bear wandered into the village and made her way into the chicken coop.

Conservationists ask people living in rural areas not to leave the area unattended – even if a bear does not fall into a trap, he should not get used to foraging in places where people live.

After the beast got rid of the bucket, he fled into the forest.

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