Stray dog from Iraq follows the marine over 70 miles to prove they are meant to be together

Dogs are sensitive to those who love them. They are considered loyal animals that almost never leave their human’s side.

And it doesn’t matter where they live – on a comfy couch or on a battlefield, they stay faithful to people.

In this story, a puppy in Iraq was waiting for someone to receive help and care. The poor animal was stabbed and his ears were chopped off. He even didn’t have a name. Yet, the dog never gave up on the idea that someone would come for help.

Fortunately, that someone met the dog in a desert during the military service. The man named Brian Dennis approached the pup.

The dog started jumping with joy and playing with the marine. The man soon shared his food with the dog. Later he named him Nubs.

The marine explained that the encounter with Nubs was unexpected but special. He made friends with the whole team of marines.

Brian Dennis made sure the wounds of the pup were all treated. He afforded Nubs with a place to sleep, food and water.

The dog loved Dennis so much. Sadly, by fate, they had to be separated.

The man moved to another outpost. The pup wasn’t allowed to be with him.

So the day came and the marine said goodbye to the lovely dog. When they reached the direction something mysterious happened. One of the marines rushed to Brian and told him that the dog followed them about 70-75 miles.

It’s mysterious because for a dog to pass through a freezing desert is not an easy thing.

When Brian Dennis met Nubs he couldn’t stop laughing with joy and tears. He wasn’t allowed to keep a dog but the loyalty and love of Nubs made him change his mind.

However, one of the marines reported about having Nubs in the team. Dennis was told to give up on him. Somehow he decided to send the dog to his homeland – the US until he would return back.

By efforts of other military workers Nubs headed to his forever house. after a month Dennis returned back to the US.

Nubs passed away but the love and care that he received in his remained life comfort Brian Dennis and his family.

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