Stray dog hid puppies from volunteers.

A dog wandered around a small town abd brave volunteers went to save the poor dog who was looking for food…

Kind people reported the dog to the shelter staff.Moreover the dog has baby puppies who were born not so long ago…
The volunteers were met by a small white dog.The dog was very hungry,but the safety of the kids was most important to her,so she was in no hurry to trust the guests.

The nice dog was treated to food.Of course,the baby could not refuse the proposed food,and therefore began to absorb the treat.
Soon the dog let herself be stroked.Then the snow-white dog ran somewhere.
At the large drain pipe,the mother-dog stopped,as if inviting volunteers with her.In the darkness of the pipe there were tiny puppies,which were hidden by a loving mother!

Soon all the babies were pulled out of the pipe.So five glorious puppies and their mother were saved!All of them were brought to the shelter,washed and fed!
They felt safe,and that’s the most important thing!

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