Stray dog sees a pit bull pup tied up and comes to help free him from rope

Sometimes stray dogs do some unpredictable steps. Some of them may be furious because of the life they live and some of them may show kindness.

That is what the stray dog of this story chose to do. In the streets of Novosibirsk, Russia Dmitriy Timchenko and his friend saw a stay dog that was trying to free another dog from his chains.

At first, they didn’t understand the matter. Gladly, they started filming the ”rescue operation.” The stray dog succeeded and released the pit bull pup from his chain.

The stray dog was proud of himself. He looked content and suggested the pup join his adventures. After moments of hesitation, the pitbull agreed with his new friend, so they started walking away.

Probably, the stray dog thought that the pit bull was abandoned. This is why he wanted to make a companion with him.

Actually, the pup was momentarily left by his owner who had just entered a shop. When Timchenko and his friend saw the dogs going away, they informed the owner and helped her get back her diverged pitbull.

Fortunately, the pit bull and his owner rejoined. The stray dog probably misunderstood the situation and wanted to help this dog.

We hope, that this stray will also be adopted and feel the love of a human. His big heart deserves the best.

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