Stray dog was able to cure the anxiety of the emergency worker who had lost his friend

In the world we live it’s hard to imagine life without dogs. They are rescuers, comforters, friends, warmth and much more.

In this story, a man who didn’t know the value of these creatures experienced it.

Justin and Sarah Scott are emergency workers who often save lives. Once Justin’s friend fell ill, he could not be saved. This greatly upset Justin, and he became depressed.

Since he is a doctor himself, he quickly realized that he needed professional help, and then he decided to adopt a dog from a shelter. When the man came to the shelter, he did not like any of the animals.

Maybe it was fate, as he met his new friend in the parking lot.

It was the yard dog Shelby, who, with his love of life, was able to quickly endear Justin to himself. The dog was also able to quickly fit into the family.

Now Justin can’t imagine his life without Shelby. He finds his rest and joy only in the company of the faithful dog.

We wish Justin and his lovely dog long and happy years to spend together. Indeed, dogs are able to comfort us and improve our mood. Keep them safe!

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