Stray dog went to the office of a young man who was previously feeding him

The guy often went to the beach with his friends, where he often saw a stray dog. The young man, feeling sorry for the animal, fed him. To do this, he always took food for his tailed friend with him.

The dog was looking forward to the young man, invariably glad to meet him. The same, for a number of reasons, he could not shelter a dog at home. However, he paid attention to the animal in the beach area.

As it turned out, this was not enough for the dog, so he decided to find a place where the guy works.

How surprised Mohda was when he saw the familiar dog at the office door, with whom he made friends on the beach.

He filmed a touching meeting with the four-legged friend and subsequently posted it on the Internet. The video got many views on different social media.

By the way, Mohda noticed that other four-legged animals began to look at him. Perhaps the shaggy friend “told” his brothers about the kind man who became his friend.

Don’t be surprised, dogs ”breath” who is kind, who is kind about animals. They are also very sensitive to our emotions.

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