Stray dogs took the cat to the home and took it under their care…

A cat named Filya woke up and saw breakfast in form of a pickled cucumber and dried breadcrumbs.This is the only thing left after lunch of his owner,who suffers from alcohol addiction.The cat did not receive any other food,only the remains after his owner’s gatherings with his comrades.

For some reason,it never occurred to this person that cats had a different diet.The kitten slept on dirty rags that were spread on the floor.Of course,no one monitored the condition of her tray.Filya didn’t live,but just existed.However,when she looked out of the window other apartment,she saw that other animals did not live a better life.
Most of all,Filya was afraid of losing her home,but as you know,exactly what you are afraid always happens in life.One day the owner came home drunk,he was in a bad mood,he was literally covered by an attack of rage.He took out all his anger on an unfortunate animal.He threw the cat out of the door and told her to get food on her own.

The poor cat went to look for food to the trash cans and suddenly noticed that she was surrounded by a pack of dogs.Filya closed her eyes and said goodbye to life.One of the dogs approached Filya,sniffed her,then turned away and barked,turning to his pack.He gave the dogs a command not to touch the cat.
They took the cat into their pack.Frightened Filya realized that she had nothing to be afraid of,no one would offend.

Oddly enough,after the cat got into the dog pack,she healed happily.Soon the careless owner came to his senses.He went out into the yard and started calling the cat home,but she didn’t want to come back.Filya chose a happy life with a new family.

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