Stray dogs were found to help an elderly woman who had fallen in the mud

Dogs are loving, loyal and protective pets. Of course, they have these feelings for their owners. Yet, sometimes they may amaze us with their so well-developed instincts.

Ake Srisuwan from Nepal spotted a woman that was laid down on the mood. Actually, she was sleeping. He wanted to call the authorities but before doing so, the man noticed two stray dogs that surrounded her.

It was so strange yet so kind step made by the dogs. Previously, they had never seen the woman but instinctively they knew that she needed help.

They remained with the blind elderly woman until doctors came for help. They took both the woman and the stray dogs to the hospital. All of them received medical treatments.

Though it’s unknown what happened to the woman and the dogs but it’s awesome to see how dogs can be a friend to humans in difficult situations when they can’t provide the animals with no food and shelter.

This story was so strong that immediately was spread over the Internet when Ake shared some photos on his social media pages.

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