Surprise cat! About how Matilda got a green basin and threw out a trick with a window.

Motya gave birth the kittens,they grew up and gained weight.Movers brought a box with Dragee’s inscription «Insolent Fruit.»
Despite everything the kittens liked the box — even the tray fit in it.

But Motya has problems with the tray,as it turned out.Of course,I showed the cat to the veterinarian as soon as possible.The doctor said that she was about 5 years old,and she ended up on the street remained a mystery,the partial solution of which I saw a little later — when,going into the kitchen,I found a cat not with kittens,but sitting on a window.With my many years experience I keeping cats,I saw it for the first time.

I had to invent a method of protection against falling out of Motya from the window.
Then Motya’s life began to improve.She finally ate and got prettier.The kittens were growing:)

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