Sweet kitten insists on being carried everywhere after being rescued

Audrey, a member of Murphys Safe Haven, was alerted to a post about a lovely cat searching for a home.

She instantly agreed to the rescue and ensured that the cat received the medical treatment she needs to give her the greatest chance of finding a home.

As soon as the kitten reached the rescue shelter.

The 14-year experienced doctor of the animal welfare business saw her cleft lip.

He also displayed evidence of cerebellar hyperplasia, a neurological disease that inhibits motor ability.

“We noticed he was slumping and couldn’t walk properly”.

He was first bewildered, but quickly grew as a really entertaining and friendly person.

The shy cat eventually began to show his charming side.

He was delighted in Audrey’s arms and began to demand attention and cuddling right away.

Therefore, he started purring and made sure everyone was staring at him.

Oink, the kitten, was washed and given a clean medical report.

Despite his sore mouth, the kid ate happily.

The cat was immediately treated as a prince and now demands to be touched all the time.

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