Talented parrot sings while man plays guitar․․․․Unbelievably beautiful voice

In this amazing video, a talented parrot sings while its owner plays the guitar.

«It was in the mood to sing!» — writes Frank of his parrot called Tiko, who demonstrates its vocal skills in the video.

Frank plays an unusually beautiful song of his own composition on his guitar and his parrot can’t help but sing along. And what it sings is very beautiful!

«Thank you, Frank and Tiko, for making these videos! They give me so much joy,» one person wrote on YouTube after watching the videos. «I watch them over and over again. This one is my favourite. I love the combination of Tiko whistling a beautiful tune and screaming. It makes me want to get a parrot.»

«My God, the voice, the stand, the pose, the passion!» — Another person on the internet commented. » It»s fantastic.

What a talented guitarist and singing parrot! May they continue to make music together, may it bring them happiness and brighten the days of others.

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