Thanks to his smile and friendliness,the dog was able to find a new mistress.

A little dog ran on the roadway,risking getting under the wheels of a car when volunteers managed to catch him.

The baby was taken to the shelter and called Chip.The dog turned out to e very kind and affectionate,she also noticed an unusual feature — he was constantly smiling.

Volunteers posted a photo of a dog who always smiled on social media.The cute smile of the dog conquered many and those who wanted to give Chip a new home were found almost immediately.Of all the willing volunteers chose a lonely woman who literally decided at first sight that she really want a smiling dog to become her pet.

Chip also fell in love with his new mistress at first sight and happily curled his tail,barely noticing her in the door of the shelter.The woman already had a dog of the same breed named Keri,she and Chip quickly became real friends.
Now Chip has started a new,happy life,in which he has a house,a caring mistress and best friend.

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