That’s what means mother’s love!The cat came to the veterinary clinic for her kittens.

In the morning,something extraordinary happened in one of the veterinary clinics in New Zealand.When the doctors came to work,they found a box of kittens at the threshold,who were not even a month old.

In New Zealand it was a whole event and veterinarians,of course,would not leave the kittens at the doorstp in a helpless state.They took them to inspect and provide the necessary assistance.

But the miracle didn’t end there.The next day they noticed that as soon as the clinic door opens,a striped cat is trying to dive there.
And then the doctors guessed that the cat was the mom’s kittens they saved and they were not mistaken.They let the cat in,she quickly ran up to her kittens and began to lick them.

An amazing and very touching story confirming the power of maternal instinct.

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