The abandoned dog was sad in the shelter until the girl noticed it.Now there’s only «smile» on the pet’s face.

Sadey is a blue-eyed dog with a funny «smile» that was left without owners.It’s hard to believe,but someone decided to give up such a beautiful pet,leaving it to its fate.

But someone noticed a nice dog and brought her to the Kern Country Animal Services shelter.It was there that the future hostess noticed Sadey.A girl named Elizabeth saw our heroine and could no longer part with her.
So,the nice dog ended up in the house of the new hostess.She got along well with another dog who already lived in Elizabeth’s house.

The hostess says that the pet loves life and everyone who meets her on the way.Also Sadey loves walks very much,especially for long distances.At such moments,her eyes just glow with happiness!
If we talk about its favorite food,Sadey adores cheese!She just loves different varieties that she is ready to taste with Elizabeth.

Elizabeth believes that she was very lucky to meet Sadey because she made the girl’s life happy!

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