The adoptive pit bull, taken from the shelter, fell under the influence of the owner’s cats, and they managed to raise him in their own way

Who does the role of the true head of the house belong to?

Sisters Samantha and Bethany Castiller, living in the American hinterland, received an answer to this question, and it confused them.

Recently, they brought a two-year-old pit bull Mako into the house of the shelter – they really wanted a dog.

But two of their domestic cats, as it turned out, had other plans in this regard. And unexpectedly good-natured Mako began to rapidly transform from a dog into a cat!

At first, the sisters had real fears that their authoritative cats and the pit bull, that is not some kind of lapdog, would conflict.

But, to their surprise, Pecan and Gizmo, as the cats are called, took Mako under their wing. And soon the sisters began to pay attention to the fact that the dog adopts their habits from cats.

Jumping somewhere just like that is not difficult for Mako! A joint meal is the best time of the day!

Photos are taken to confirm what is happening show that all this is happening in reality.

Since this cannot be defeated, you must use the situation! Patience to Samantha and Bethany. However, they surely have the best pets!

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