The adorable kittens were discovered crawling on a gravel road, and now they can run and jump.

Two little kittens were found wandering on a scorching gravel road a few months ago by a kind-hearted friend who couldn’t bear the notion of abandoning them in traffic.

Thus, Jack and Jill, the kittens, were examined by many vets for physical therapy, massage, and limb splinting.

But none of these treatments were helpful.

They opted to take the kittens to the Oregon State University College of Veterinary Medicine for orthopedic consultations. There they were eventually identified.

Jill was born with a badly twisted and dislocated left kneecap.

That caused the bones to develop wrongly and the entire leg to spin entirely behind her.

Jill was always upbeat and a snuggle from the beginning.

Therefore, Jill had surgery when she was just under three pounds.

And around 3.5 months old in an attempt to substantially enhance her quality of life.

Moreover, Jill began to walk on the leg for small periods of physical therapy soon after.

And she immediately demonstrated an excellent improvement.

Every day, she made progress and surprised her people with how much she could achieve.

While Jill recovers, Jack prepares for his life-changing operation and has made friends with the resident cats in his foster home.

Jack isn’t afraid to demand attention and affection from his family.

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