The affectionate dog is fascinated by the little kitten and is stroking her

Dogs and cats are very different animals. But we don’t speak only about their appearance. Actually, dogs are loyal and loving animals. You won’t say the same about cats. They need to be loved.

They are more independent and confident. And it’s hard to imagine that these two species can not just live under the same roof but love each other.

Yes, the dog does not have to be at enmity with the cat. Especially when it comes to kittens: a well-bred dog will react to a kitten sitting opposite just with interest.

And our video is a living confirmation of this.

We can even say that the dog fell into a stupor from how adorable this baby was, and a desire to somehow protect him awoke in him. Alas, it didn’t work to caress; the paw is very huge in comparison with that of the kitten!

But how much tenderness and desire to protect in the very gesture! Yes, and the kitten does not feel any fear, just be aware that its newly opened eyes are puffing up.

The video has not yet gained any big “likes”, but we hope that everything is ahead. Enjoy this heartwarming moment of love!

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