The baby returned the dog’s love for people.

Greyhounle named Mosley was rescued by animal rights activists from the cruel world of underground dog races.The dog got into Scott Merrihew’s house,but despite the love and care of the owners,the dog stayed alienated.And only when a baby was born in the family did everything change…

When Mosley got into Scott Merrihew’s house,he was four years old.He got used to life in the cruel world of underground sports and did not know how to react to human love and affection.No matter how hard the owners tried,Mosley stayed apart.

Four years have passed in fruitless attempts to melt the dog’s heart.But when Scott’s wife got pregnant,the situation began to change.Mosley increasingly sought to communicate with her,be close and protect her.
«At the end of my pregnancy,Mosley was especially affectionate with me,»recalls Scott’s wife.

When little Lucas Merrihew was born,Mosley immediately realized:he found a man he would love all his life!The dog was very affectionate and gentle with the baby,and literally did not leave him.
This dog discovered unspent reserves of love,which he is generously ready to share with the young owner!

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