The baby was brought to the «last injection», however, the veterinarian did not agree and now the cat resembling a kangaroo is happy

Kanga has had a serious genetic defect since birth. Her forelimbs did not function and the owners did not need a kitten with a peculiarity and they took her to the «last injection», even without taking into account the fact that the baby had learned to walk on her hind legs, jumping like a kangaroo.

It was for this reason that she received such an unusual nickname, but this did not convince the owners. In the vet clinic, this cute kitty was noticed by one of the employees and she felt incredibly sorry for her, she saved her life. The girl brought Kengi to a shelter that specialized in special cats.

The survey showed that the front legs will still not function, but in all other respects she is completely healthy and can live a full life, like other cats.

In honor of Kenga, a short video was filmed and published on the web. A woman Joyce responded to the video, who already had special purrs at home and had the experience of nursing them.

The rest of the cats accepted Kengi with pleasure and she was also very pleased with the new company, and when a cub with a similar ailment appeared in the house, Kengi nursed him like his own mother. She never leaves the crumb and constantly looks after him.

And we are incredibly glad that there are kind people in the world who are able to give a chance to cats like Kenga.

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