The bear has been waiting for her salvation for 30 years.

A Syrian brown bear named Fifi lived in a cage of a roadside zoo in Pennsylvania during the first 10 years of her life.

However,she had to spend in the same cage for another 20 years after the zoo was closed.Of course.the normal condition of keeping an animal were out of the question,but it managed to wait for its saviors and now Fifi just can’t find out.

Last summer,the owner of Fifi finally decided to give the bears.As soon as PETA employees were notified,they arrived.What they found was heartbreaking.
During the three decades spent in captivity,Fifi looked terrible,she was so thin that the skin hung in places tightening the skeleton,her eyes were sunken lost.

They were transported to a wildlife park in Colorado and given proper treatment and enhanced nutrition.For the first time,Fifi’s paws felt grass,water in a small pool,she tried eating fruit.

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