The bus driver noticed a dog at the bus stop and couldn’t pass by.

The bus drier couldn’t pass by the dog.The man was already finishing his work shift,but something prompted him to slow down and open the doors for the dog.

At the end of his working day,a driver from Finland named Akim saw a dog.He noticed it near the bus stop.It seemed that the dog was sitting waiting for the bus.
Of course,the man could pass by,but he didn’t do that.The driver slowed down and opened the doors of the transport.

The dog was very happy.The dog immediately got on the bus.There was no one inside,the animal sat down next to the driver.
After a few stops,the driver called the animal shelter.It turned out that the dog got lost.The owners were looking for the dog.

Thanks to the driver,the dog was found as soon as possible.The owners were very happy when they saw their pet.Thanks to the driver,their separation was short-lived.

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