The bus driver noticed a huge dog in the dark…

The bus driver in Saramaki,Finland,was already finishing his route when he had to greet another passenger.A man named Hicham Builal,approaching the last stop,noticed a big fluffy dog walking in the dark on the side of the road.The driver became curious what the pet was doing there all alone,so he stopped and even opened the doors of the bus.

And the dog seemed to be just waiting for it!Seeing the door open,he took it as an invitation and immediately jumped up the stairs into the cabin.
The pet carefully sat down next to Hicham,which surprised the man a lot.The bus was empty,but the do wanted to sit next to the man who stopped to help him.

Of course,the animal could not tell what exactly happened to him,so the driver had to decided what to do next.The man took the dog to the bus station and contacted the local animal shelter.By the way,during the trip,the baby behaved just perfectly,turning out to be a wonderful passenger!

Soon after it became known about the dog,his adventure came to a happy ending.It turns out that the pet ran away from home just a few hours ago.Thanks to the compassionate driver,the worried family was reunited with the lost pet.
The driver was very pleased that he managed to help the smart dog return home!

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