The caring woman created a safe and comfy place for senior dogs: they spend their last days in peace

Among all other animals dogs are the most devoted and faithful to humans.

They are always ready to help people.

They always show their empathy and affection of their hearts to their owners.

Though it’s worth mentioning, that the most of the shelter canines are refused by their own humans.

Meet Amy Evans, who decided to devote her kind activity in helping those pets to enjoy their last days in love and peace.

She established a pet hospice in Nottingham to let all the canines in need live there.

Every dog here, should be treated individually, because each of them came from different families.

So, Amy bought every pup for £600.

She made a celebration list of the canines, though the woman didn’t know their birthdays at all.

Or, she took them for a walk to the sea shore, where they could enjoy the warm sand and caught a yummy fish.

Amy is so kindhearted, that she still keeps up that habit to do goodness to make their last days better.

Additionally, she takes all her four-legged friends to various pet-friendly restaurants and local bars.

So, Amy just helps these senior canines to feel themselves a bit happier and appreciated in this entire world not to feel themselves old, alone and forgotten.

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