The cat doesn’t leave the firefighter after he saved her…

In the midst of the devastating forest fires that devastated Paradise,California,in November,Ryan Coleman was able to save the cat from fire.More than 14,000 houses were destroyed and 86 people lost their lives in a paradise fire,which at that time was the most dangerous in the history of California and the sixth most destructive force in the United States.

The firefighter noticed a shimmering spark that could also light up and met halfway,stumbled upon a confused cat.Firefighters fought the flame for 17 days before it was fully localized,and most of the damage was caused within the first six hours after it broke out.

When Coleman explored the newly scorched wasteland,a big fluffy cat approached him and greeted him with his fluffy paws.Numerous animals,livestock and wild animals were affected by devastation caused by forest fires.
It was a wonderful sight when this gray fluffy cat ran out to meet Coleman.Coleman was most likely the first person this cat has seen since the terrible fire broke out,and it’s amazing to see him untouched by the heat of flames like many other unfortunate pets after the incident.

The cat wanted love and attention.He climbed on his foot,held on to him and didn’t let him go.Then he climbed on his back after rubbing his leg for a while.Ryan appreciated this love and no longer parted with the cat,making it his pet.

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