The cat escaped and returned as a debtor because now he must return three mackerels

Pets are indispensable sources of great stories. The participant in this story was a cat from Thailand. Once he ran away from home but then he returned.

His owner was dumbfounded because the cat returned with a debt of three mackerels. And the owner himself didn’t get anything.

This is why the kitty left him for a few days.

However, this time he returned with a debt paper on his neck. The owner of the cat did not search for him too much because it is quite smart and accurate.

This time, someone came with a sign on which there was a card with a note. This note said that the cat came to a market where live fish were sold.

He also pestered the saleswoman for such a long time that she could not resist his charisma.

She ended up giving him a whole fish. After that, it became clear that the cat was still hungry. And so he ate three whole fish.

The owner of the cat made a post about this on the social network. In many comments, users suggested how to somehow solve the problem.

Some thought it was such a joke. And that just happened, and the cat could not be so impudent in any way.

Many became so interested in how this story could have ended that they even considered it necessary to pay for this fish. However, the owner himself will decide what to do next.

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