The cat has adopted a pit bull puppy and considers the baby to be hers

Traditionally, cats and dogs are considered enemies, but sometimes absolutely incredible cases happen in nature. Can you imagine that a cat is capable of becoming a mother to an orphaned puppy?

Looking at how a cat named Larnet feeds her babies, you won’t immediately understand that a pit bull puppy is among the tiny kittens.

“The puppy came to our shelter a few days ago. He is only a week old and needs maternal love. That is why we decided to try to place it with Larnet, which recently had kittens. Surprisingly, everything went very smoothly, and the cat adopted the puppy into the family,” says shelter employee Sharon Harvey.

When she saw the puppy for the first time, Larnet slowly sniffed it. Of course, she realized that this was not another kitten at all, but the puppy was so helpless that Larnet could not stand aside.

He was adopted into the family, and the shelter staff gave him the name Nolan.

Over the past week, the cat has become so attached to the puppy that she considers him to be hers. Of course, the puppy is slightly larger than the kittens, and the cat cannot completely feed him, so from time to time, Nolan is bottle-fed.

Interestingly, Nolan is not in the shelter around the clock. One of the employees of the shelter takes him to his home for the night. Well, Larnet the cat looks forward to Nolan’s return every morning!

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