The cat showed with his whole appearance that he didn’t love his owner’s daughter until everyone was fallen asleep

The Richardson couple’s pet, Sunny, was taken from a shelter. This was already a fully developed 6-year-old personality, and the acceptance of the spouses by the cat was very important.

And this, believe me, is worth a lot, cats do not scatter their affection to the right and left!

Th cat himself was surrounded by love and care. And then suddenly everything changed.

The “fault” for that was the appearance of a child, the newborn Hazel, at the Richardson couple. And then the behavior of Sunny surprised the spouses: the cat went to the baby’s cradle, looked at her, sniffed, and left, proudly tugging its tail.

And it didn’t fit anymore!

At least, this is how it looked in the eyes of the discouraged parents of the baby …

And then the truth came to light! Sunny every night jumped into Hazel’s crib, stretched out next to her and slept lightly, guarding her sleep! This became clear after the Richardsons watched the footage installed in the children’s “baby monitor.”

Cats are proud and secretive – and therefore Sunny simply did not show that the spouses’ child interested him. But when the mustached was successfully “exposed”, the need for disguise disappeared, and now the cat does not hide its tender feelings for Hazel.

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