The cat suffered from loneliness,but an accidental meeting changed his whole life!

When Gizmo was still very tiny,he was found in a hotel in Cyprus.He was with his brothers and sisters — weak and sick.All of them were urgently taken to the shelter to save…

Unlike his relatives,Gizmo was strong and relatively healthy.Hugs,tenderness,affection — all this was just necessary for baby Gizmo,and he constantly asked for attention.
The kitten had a particularly warm relationship with one of the volunteers,and every time the baby jumped on his hands when there was such an opportunity.

But time passed and Gizmo was still waiting for the owners who still did not appear…Gradually all the kittens were dismantled,and only Gizmo was still lonely…
And one day something unexpected happened.A girl named Jenny from Britain came to the shelter to talk to cute cats.And at that moment Gizmo jumped right on her knees.He was incredibly kind and friendly…He caressed Jenny and tried his best to please her!

When the girl was about to leave,she felt that she didn’t want to part with Gizmo at all.And very little time passed,Gizmo finally was at home!He was happier than ever,because three years later the kitten found a mistress who loves him with all his heart!

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