The child was very afraid of dogs,but his mother gave him a puppy to overcome his fear.

What if a child is afraid of dogs?Most parents begin to protect him from contact with animals and the situation is only getting worse.But Anna Kuzminskaya,decided to act differently.One day her son was bitten by a neighbor’s dog and since then the child began to be afraid of every dog he met on the way.The boy turned back in fright even when he saw a little chihuahua.He rushed into Anna’s arms as soon as he saw the mongrel in the distance.

One day the girl got tired of it,so she decided to get a dog specifically for her son.Meanwhile,in one of the groups on media there was a post about finding a home for fifteen puppies at once.The kids were found in an open field in the Ramenskaya district,and their mother was not nearby.Kind people began to fed their pets and try to find their owners.And everyone managed to gave them into good hands.And one of the puppies,a girl,went home to Anya…

The girl’s decision to bring the puppy into the house was right!Her son began to walk,feed and deal with his pet,and soon he completely stopped being afraid of dogs…
For four years now,the baby who was named Eve,has been living happily at Anna’s house.During this time,she managed to become the best friend for the child and the boy’s fears were left behind.

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