The couple drove for more than 33 hours to pick up the blind dog that needed a house.

The previous owners of this puppy gave him to a shelter,justifying it by the fact that they were unable to take care of him.He lived in terrible conditions and was blind and,according to volunteers,he was born such because of the bad faith of the breeders,who were his owners..

They expected it would be difficult for him to find a home,and repeatedly shared his story on network.But this dog still found people,even it they lived almost 4000 kilometers away.
These people immediately showed their nobility,as they were ready to travel 33 hours to meet him .Fortunately,that’s what happened,and this cute puppy now has a permanent home.

A 5-month-old bulldog puppy was transferred to the Sacramento Animal Protection Authority in mid-April.He was exhausted,frightened,all in dirt…They found that he had an unusual congenital problem with both eyes…
The volunteer gave him the nickname Betty and surrounded by the love and care he needed.They used all the possibilities of spreading his story on social media.
It was thanks to Facebook that Cassidy Kraus and Brett Weyers found a married couple.The couple already had a blind dog named Soto,and they knew they could provide Betty with the house he deserved.The only problem is that they lived in Wisconsin,and they needed to meet Betty to determine if he would get along with Soto.

Their meeting exceeded all expectations.Both dogs instantly fell in love with each other and baby Betty found loving owners and a faithful friend in addition.
Betty in the new house also received a new nickname Agos,diminutive from the Greek word Agios,which translates as saint.He feels in the house from the very first day of his stay in it and it didn’t even take time to adapt.And we are very happy for little Agos and are sure that many happy days await him in the future.

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