The couple had no idea that their cat would be declared the longest on the planet

The longest cat on the planet lives in Australia. It is 3.93 ft weighing 30.86 lbs.

Stephy Hirst from Australia always knew that her pet is tremendous but she never imagined that Omar can be the longest cat on the planet.

One day she got a call from the Guinness Records, informing her that her cat might be announced as the longest one living on the earth.

This woman and her husband were shocked by the news. They thought that Omar was not fully grown yet.

Օf course, the news pleased them.

The giant cat was a tiny kitten when the couple adopted him. At that time it was unclear whether the kitty would grow this big or not.

Day by day, he started growing bigger.

Before this fluffy creature, the former longest cat recognized was UK-based Maine Coon Ludo, measured around 3.88 ft.

After Omar’s photos were posted on Instagram, he immediately got famous. Many people are still enchanted by his size.

Anyway, the fame doesn’t change anything in Omar’s everyday routine. He wakes up at 5 am, eats breakfast, lays under the sun, walks, plays with his owners and has dinner.

He is so giant that Stephy and her husband can’t let him lay on the bed. He sleeps separately on a coach.

The woman tells that her husband has always desired to have a big cat. There you go, man!

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