The couple left their baby alone with a fighting dog.What happened makes you think….

Many people are wary of dogs of large breeds,perceiving pit bulls as unconditional aggressors.
The idea of leaving such a dog to look after the baby will seem absurd to them,but the heroes of our history made exactly such a decision.

Pit bull Ethan is two years old,and he just loves baby Anthony.
Although many people consider dogs of this breed aggressive by nature and demand that their breeding be brought under control,Ethan proves that education is much more important than origin.
The owner of the dog John posted photos online that can change the opinion about pit bulls even among the most stubborn skeptics.

«Anthony met Ethan the day after his birth,»John wrote.Although parents knew that theoretically a dog could be dangerous for a child,they had no doubt that Ethan would not harm the baby.
The opinion of John and his wife is also supported by breeders.Experts call pit bulls beautiful nannies.They character is very kind and affectionate.

«At first Ethan fell into the hands of cruel people.He was already five months old,he was very sick and afraid of people.After his experience,Ethan was in great need of attention and with our care,we helped him leave the horrors of his childhood behind,»John said.
Most pit bulls are not aggressive.This breed is characterized by a powerful structure,their appearance can really scare,but most of them are very kind.The term «monster» is not correct to apply to animals,rather such a characteristic is deserved by those who bring up aggressiveness in dogs.

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