The couple wanted to take another pet,but when the couple saw Bambi whom they want to put to sleep,the young people changed their mind.

Until recently,this cute dog with the wonderful name Bambi was in a shelter for animals that were planned to be put to sleep,and now sje will celebrate the New Year with her family!It’s just that a real miracle happened in this baby’s life — she was found by a good people who decided to make her their pet!

Before meeting a charming girl,Bambi was an orphan who was abandoned by the owners.
Nice baby Bambi was on the «black» list,and she should have been put to sleep like many other «refusers»…

Together with her boyfriend,the girl noticed one dog that the couple wanted to take to their home.However,when they saw Bambi and learned her story,they realised that they wanted to take her away!

The girl says she’ll do her best to make the new pet happy.
We are very glad that this glorious dog found a home,because otherwise it could have been put to sleep!

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