The dachshund puppy has an unusual color that everyone confuses with pajamas

This is hard to believe in unless you are the owner of this pup whose appearance is not ordinary.

On the other hand, Victoria Hoffman from Mayami, the owner of a puppy named Mu, is in no hurry to doctors and scientists.

It is sufficient for her to know that the pet is healthy, and why his head is dark, and the body is piebald, is not so important.

If it is a chimera, then let it be with her, it does not matter.

Today Mu is already seven months old, he has everything well, and his coat does not even think to change.

Such an impression that the head of one puppy was rearranged on the body of another. Or, on the originally dark Mu, as well as on the coats, they put on a light embroidery.

Such an idea is thought by every second passer-by so that one has to constantly give explanations. And, of course, many photo sessions.

Mu’s favorite treats are watermelon and almonds. He loves to sleep on his back with his legs stretched out.

By nature, the puppy is extremely well-mannered, kind and sympathetic, he cheers everyone up and sets the tone for the beauty salon, where the hostess works.

It has already passed the rigorous COVID19 screening, helping the owners not go crazy with boredom during the quarantine.

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