The desperate eagle tried her best to fly,but couldn’t…

Alaskans noticed this female bald eagle who got into trouble.She damaged her wing,got stuck,and couldn’t get out on her own.The poor baby was miraculously noticed in time…

Employees brought the eagle to their center and gave the nickname Charlie.At first,she was very scared,and did not allow volunteers to even touch her — but then she was put on a special mask for protection,and examined.It turned out that the goor eagle could fly because of the injuries.
Charlie was treated for three days in the intensive care unit,after which her condition improved,but she was very careful and still kept away from people.

Over time,Charlie became more active,her wing healed,and one day employees saw her first flight after rescue.It was an amazing moment for all caretakers — because they waited so long for the restoration of the eagle.

After a while,Charlie was ready for the next chapter — it finally recovered,and the staff decided to let her go back into the wild.This moment also touched all the employees,but Charlie calmly flew into the forest — probably very grateful to people for their rescue!!

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