The disabled dog has been waiting for happiness for a whole year…And now the pet has everything he dreamed of!

Ekaterina Lukoyanova’s family once decided to give a disadvantaged animal a long and happy life.While they were looking through ads on social networks,somewhere an unfortunate dog was already desperately waiting for them.

The homeless pet was injured at the hands of people.The doctors tried to save the limb, but nothing happened.The paw had to be amputated.
Everyone understood perfectly that such animals were rarely taken from shelters.But then Chaterine and her family came to the shelter.They immediately liked the unfortunate dog without one leg.

On the same day,the dog went to his new house.Now his name is Lukos.The pet got a well-fed,happy and carefree life in the house of people who care about it.
Thanks to the wonderful people for giving a home for the mongrel!

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